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2009-smotoonline-burkhart-5Burkhart Takes Silver in SuperMoto X

Mark Burkhart, the 2008 Moto X World Supermoto Champion, 2007 X-Games Supermoto Gold winner, and 2007 AMA Supermoto Champion was just one position shy from the top spot at The X Games 15 SuperMoto X final.

The SuperMoto X course was without heavily complex rhythms in the dirt sections of the course, which favored the European Supermoto racers rather than those of a Supercross background.

Aboard a Honda CRF450R, Italian World Supermoto Ivan Lazzarini ran a nearly flawless race to control the charge from start to finish, taking home the X Games Supermoto gold.

After getting off to a mediocre start, Monster Energy KTM-backed rider Mark Burkhart worked his way through the top five and into place behind Lazzarini where he began pressuring the race leader. Burkhart hoped for a mistake, but one never came from Lazzarini. He even got a wheel in on him in the turn after the ramp coming out of the stadium, but with the inside line, Lazzarini promptly closed the door on him.

It was the same turn where Jeff Ward caught his foot and re-injured his ankle, which he broke in June. Ward stayed in the race, but was not able to keep pace with the lead pack. He ran in second for the first several laps, but slipped back to seventh by the end of the race.

French Husqvarna rider Adrien Chareyre finished in third to collect the bronze medal in his first-ever X Games competition. Fellow countryman Sylvain Bidart finished fourth followed by TLD rider Cassidy Anderson who rounded out the top five.


1) Ivan Lazzarini
2) Mark Burkhart
3) Adrien Chareyre
4) Sylvain Bidart
5) Cassidy Anderson
6) Brandon Currie
7) Jeff Ward

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james_stewart_supermoto_01James Stewart has pulled out of X Games 15 – Hit a hydro-barrier @ 60 MPH

The Yamaha MX Star, James Stewart, injured himself by leaning too far to the inside of a corner and struck his shoulder on a hydro-barrier. Officals estimated speed at the time he wacked the barrier at 60 miles per hour. Follow up reports indicated the MRIs and X-rays have shown that there is no serious damage.


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